Jed Kirby

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Jed Kirby is a seasoned Real Estate Developer and Investor whose compassion and dedication have both earned him the reputation as a service-centered leader in his field. Over the span of two decades, he has garnered extensive real estate experience from a profit and non-profit view.

Currently, Jed serves as a Partner and Owner at Titlemark LLC. (, where he plays an integral role in business development and operations. He is also a Principal at KDS Interiors, Inc. (, where he spearheads company operations. Furthermore, as the Managing Partner of Kirby Family Properties, he has successfully developed and renovated an array of residential, commercial, and office buildings across Florida.

A man of unwavering faith and justice, Jed’s lifelong vision is to give back to those who are the most vulnerable within the community through quality housing and a mission to build and restore diverse communities. This worldview is shared with his beloved wife, Katie, who also believes in this mission. Together, they are the proud parents of four beautiful children.

Jed Kirby is a Real Estate Professional who truly cares about the future of his community and taking care of people who are in need. This passion and devotion will surely last a lifetime.