About Us

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The mission of Abe Brown Ministries is to compassionately demonstrate the Love of Jesus Christ by helping offenders, ex-offenders and their families achieve productive and fulfilling lives.

We provide outreach to evangelize, counsel, and restore children and families that are broken as a result of incarceration. Through comprehensive services, Abe Brown Ministries (ABM) assists ex-offenders in establishing an intimate relationship with Christ and learning life skills along with the value of gainful employment. This gives them hope for sustaining their family, employment, and finances. The end result is productive citizens in our communities, improving the quality of life for all.

Why it matters

Hillsborough County ranks second highest in the state for the number of inmates admitted into prison, according to data from the Florida Department of Corrections. More than 2,000 prisoners are released to Hillsborough County each year. Without intervention and assistance, a number of them fall through the cracks of society and return to a life of crime.

How We Can Make a Difference

Our efforts are focused on those felons who were convicted out of Hillsborough County and now reside at a correctional institution within 120 miles of Tampa. Trends show that inmates often return to the same community where they received their conviction. Focusing our crusades on these institutions allows us to assist these inmates in establishing, and sometimes re-establishing, their relationship with Christ. This approach also authenticates ABM’s relationships with inmates, which is foundational when these persons are released.

ABM is aware of the struggle that ex-offenders face. We continue to strengthen our position as a master referral agency by identifying churches, organizations and agencies in the community which can provide ex-offenders with: basic needs (food, shelter, clothing), housing, education, employment, healthcare (especially treatment for substance abuse, mental-health, and HIV/AIDS problems), legal assistance, and discipleship.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish excellence in prison ministry, beyond an offender's release. As offenders transition back to the community, we offer an environment of compassion that will provide both a residential safe-haven and transitional training. In conjunction with preparing these individuals for productive living, we build relationships with employers in the community who will gainfully employ graduates of the program. At the core of our model is Discipleship, which comes from both mentors and peers alike. This critical component fosters continued spiritual growth, accountability, and service to others.

Through the Years

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