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2921 N. 29th Street, Tampa, FL 33605, Phone (813) 247-3205, Fax (813) 248-3224
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About Us


The mission of Abe Brown Ministries is to compassionately demonstrate the Love of Jesus Christ by helping offenders, ex-offenders and their families to achieve productive and fulfilling lives. We provide outreach to evangelize, counsel, and restore families that are broken as a result of incarceration. We strive to provide comprehensive services that allow patrons of our Ministry to make their freedom in Christ a reality. Helping ex-offenders establish an intimate relationship with Christ, while learning life skills and the value of gainful employment gives them hope for sustaining their family, occupational and financial futures. The end result is productive citizens in our communities, improving the quality of life for all. One in every one hundred forty-two people in the United States is incarcerated in our nation's prisons and jails. There are some 2.3 million Americans in State and Federal Prisons. Florida has the third largest penal system in America, and its 121 State Prisons are home to 81,000 men and women. Approximately, 12,000 of these men and women are released annually to Hillsborough County. Many of them fall through the cracks of society and return to a life of crime.

  • In FY 2005-06, 33,348 offenders were released from Florida’s prisons.

  • Most of them (21,336 or 64.0%) were released because their sentences expired.

  • 14.0% (4,658) were released to probation or community control.

  • Over 40% were between the ages of 35 and 49 (13,457).

  • Almost a third were serving time for violent offenses (9,929).

Our efforts are focused on those felons who were convicted out of Hillsborough County and now reside at a correctional institution within 120 miles of Tampa. Trends show that inmates often return to the same community where they received their conviction. Focusing our crusades on these institutions allows us to assist these inmates in establishing, and sometimes re-establishing, their relationship with Christ. This approach also authenticates the Ministry's relationships with inmates, which is foundational when these persons are released.

Abe Brown Ministries is aware of the struggle that ex-offenders face. We continue to strengthen our position as a master referral agency by identifying churches, organizations and agencies in the community which can provide ex-offenders with: basic needs (food, shelter, clothing), housing, education, employment, healthcare (especially treatment for substance abuse, mental-health, and HIV/AIDS problems), legal assistance, and discipleship. 

The Vision

Over the next 3 to 5 years, we intend to establish excellence in prison ministry beyond an offender's release from prison. As offenders transition back to the community, we are seeking to establish a community of compassion that will provide both a residential safe-haven and transitional training. In conjunction with preparing these individuals for productive living, we will build relationships with employers in the community who will gainfully employ graduates of the program. At the core of our model is Discipleship. Discipleship comes from both mentors and peers alike. This critical component fosters continued spiritual growth, accountability, and service to others.

Our model is replicable. We believe successful restoration, transition and empowerment of ex-felons in Hillsborough County can be implemented throughout the State of Florida and the United States.

Ministry Partnerships

  • Networking with Metropolitan Ministries, America's Second Harvest, Cahill Ministry Food Bank, Publix Super Markets, and First Baptist Church of College Hill in provision of food to ex-offenders and the community

  • Networking with Metropolitan Ministries in clothing/ household furnishing provisions

  • Networking with Lighthouse Ministries International in regeneration ministry

  • Partnership with New Hearts Outreach to minister to the sexually broken

  • Leave A Legacy Endowment through the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay

  • CDBG Grant through City of Tampa to renovate ABM property

History of the Ministry

The Inception

In 1976, Coach Abe Brown picked up a newspaper and was shocked to see that one of his former football players had been charged with murder. Upon visiting this young man in prison, Coach Brown realized that he had taught young men how to play football, but he had failed to teach them how to live. Coach Brown was also deeply impressed with the tremendous spiritual needs of those confined to penal institutions. As a result of this experience, Coach Brown committed his life to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ that young men will know God’s rules of life. Coach Brown was eventually called to God’s Vineyard and is now "Rev. Brown." Abe Brown Ministries, Inc. is an extension of the Body of Christ, which God is using to free the “spiritually incarcerated.”

Time Line
1976 Prison Crusade Ministries, Inc. founded
1987 Office Building purchased
1988 Chapel and Food Bank purchased
1988 Vacant Lot purchased @ 2917 29th Street
1990 Women’s aftercare home donated
1992 MCI 9 Bus purchased
1993 Men’s aftercare home donated
1995 Chevrolet Van purchased
1996 Isuzu Truck purchased
1997 Chevrolet C7D purchased
1998 MCI 102A Bus purchased
1999 Dodge Motor Home donated
2000 Name changed to Abe Brown Ministries, Inc.
2007 Hired key staff dedicated to Transitional Living
2007 Counseling & Service Center Renovation

2010 Rev. Abe Brown Transitioned Home to be with the Lord




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© 2002 Abe Brown Ministries, Inc.
2921 N. 29th Street, Tampa FL | Phone (813) 247-3285



© 2002 Abe Brown Ministries, Inc.
2921 N. 29th Street, Tampa FL | Phone (813) 247-3285

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