Clothing & Furniture

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Abe Brown Ministries partners with a local thrift store to provide clothing at no cost to those in need.

Clothing Referrals

For a clothing referral, the client must visit the Abe Brown Ministries (ABM) office at 2921 N. 29th Street in Tampa (after 10:30 a.m.) and present a valid form of identification to receive a voucher. With the voucher, the client can then go to the thrift store for clothing. Transportation is not provided by ABM to the thrift store. Vouchers are only valid the same day, and the section from which the clothing can be picked is chosen by the staff of the thrift store. However, the client can choose the clothing from the specified section.

Furniture Referrals

Those interested in a furniture referral must have a truck or large vehicle to transport items. Once the truck is secured and positioned for pick-up, the client must call the Ministry office (after 10:30 a.m.) at 813-247-3285 to discuss the furniture that is needed. If the items are available at the thrift store, the client can pick up a voucher (with a valid form of identification) at the ABM office. With the voucher, the client would immediately collect the approved items from the thrift store. The items listed on the voucher are the only ones the client is allowed to take, and the thrift store staff determines which items are available. In addition, the voucher is only valid for the day it was obtained by the client. No vouchers will be accepted past the date given, and there is no guarantee for the approved furniture if it is not immediately picked up.

The Ministry also provides vouchers for additional services provided by Metropolitan Ministries, when unavailable at ABM. For more information, please contact the ABM staff at 813-247-3285 or click here.

Requirements for all services
  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Client must provide own transportation to and from ABM and the referred thrift store/agency.
  • Client must present valid form of identification to obtain voucher and when arriving at the referred thrift store/agency.
  • Client can only receive a voucher for the same services once a year.
Clothing and Furniture Referral