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"abe Brown Ministries has given us a chance to reach an audience that most of society ignores." - Tony and Lauren Dungy
  Welcome to Abe Brown Ministries  

For over 38 years, Abe Brown Ministries has been developing programs to enable people at risk, their spouse, and their children to achieve productive and spiritually fulfilling lives. We believe that people must be changed from the inside out becoming liberated from spiritual incarceration. When the individuals comprising the community and state are transformed, the community and state collectively will be transformed. Ultimately all residents, businesses, and others benefit from a safe, secure, and productive society. Abe Brown Ministries, Inc. invites you to join in our efforts to change the Tampa Bay Area and the State of Florida, "One Person at a Time."


Ready4Work is an exciting alternative to life as we know it in our community!  Many men and women are being released from within the prison walls and returning to our community to relive their past of no job, no housing....mere existence.

Ready4Work is a nationally recognized program assisting ex-offenders with re-entry into the community and workforce, effectively leading clients toward a productive life.

Operating with a four-pronged approach; case management, life-coaching, job training and job placement assistance, Ready4Work motivates and moves individuals to become productive, responsible citizens within the community.

Commitments and strategic partnerships with faith-based organizations, local businesses, community outlets and the judicial system assist to ensure individuals transition successfully back into the community.

In 2003, President George W. Bush selected Operation New Hope as the pilot site for the Ready4Work program.  It was applauded by President Bill Clinton in his book, “Giving,” and endorsed by President Barack Obama, Ready4Work is also considered by many to be a model program for the nation.  Other supporters include current and former City of Jacksonville leaders Mayor John Peyton, Sheriff John Rutherford, Sheriff Nat Glover and former U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao.

Clients are ex-offenders having not committed violent or sexual crimes, and must undergo a complete background screening prior to acceptance into the program.

Upon acceptance, participants are required to attend a comprehensive 4-6 week career development training course, featuring employment and life-skills.  Additionally, participants are partnered with a case manager to provide guidance and support, as well as referrals for community assistance, life-coaching and follow-up drug screening.

Calling  ALL Employers!! 


ABM's Ready4Work-Hillsborough is NOW HIRING!  Please click
the link below to view Job Descriptions for openings.






ABM's newest Staff member:
Allie Markham
Manager, Family Reunification Program

ABM welcomes Allie to the staff.  She performed her Masters internship at ABM, and we could not allow her to take her gifts elsewhere.  She now heads the program that provides the opportunity for children with incarcerated parents to participate in Live Video Visitation with parents who are inmates of Lowell Correctional Institution (women) or now the newly established program at Polk (men) Correctional Institution, healing hurts and re-establishing the bond between them.

Welcome, Allie!





3rd Annual Abe Brown Legacy Golf Tournament
Saturday; May 31, 2014

Innisbrook's Copperhead Golf Course










The mission of Abe Brown Ministries is to compassionately
demonstrate the
Love of Christ by helping
offenders, ex-offenders and their families to achieve  productive and fulfilling lives.  We provide comprehensive services that
help clients of our Ministry to establish an intimate relationship with Christ and address the root causes of problem issues and prepare for gainful employment, which gives hope for sustaining their personal,

family and financial futures.
 The end result is

productive citizens in our communities,
improving the quality of life for all.








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