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Many families benefit from the wide range of services that Abe Brown Ministries provides. Below are a few examples of how the Ministry gives hope.

Grace Bennet Jackson, Family Reunification Participant (Family Trip)

Abe Brown Ministries gives me the opportunity to speak to my husband, and to get past what has happened, and to enable forgiveness. The visits help me to get closure on his crime and look forward to being able to get a better picture of what the future will hold for us. My son is 9 and he has not seen his Dad since he was 4, but he is able to speak with him. There is so much of his growing up years that his father missed…riding his bicycle, playing on the football team.

Through this situation, I have lost a lot, and am trying to keep a roof over our heads. The ability to travel to see him gives me peace that a portion of our lives are being restored."

Mr. Richard F. Fuller, Retired Principal (Volunteer for over 24 years)

This ministry is extremely essential to the community, and to me! It has given a refuge and a place to dash! At the age of 90, I am not certain just how full of life I would be without having this place, that is full of life and love, and a pleasure to come. Over 25 years, I have seen many situations and circumstances, and God has given them the wherewithal to supply many needs and redirect many lives."

Bonnie Smitterman, Family Reunification (Grandmother/Caregiver)

Thank God for ABM; I am so grateful. ABM enabled me and my granddaughter to have the opportunity to not just see my daughter but to talk with her. If it wasn’t for the [Reunification] Program I would not be able to speak with her and see her on Mondays. I think this is a great program, and I hope it continues to grow with more and more people who are not aware of this program that need this opportunity for their grandchildren or the caregivers to participate in this program."

Vassie Guyton, Family Restoration (Mother)

I am a single mother, only one child. [My son] is now incarcerated, and Abe Brown Ministries supports me by allowing me to ride the bus to the institution to visit him. This is very difficult, but the Ministry helps greatly, because it is a very good deal. There are a lot of people who don’t have the transportation and cannot visit their loved one."

Rosalinda Davis, Family Reunification (Grandmother/Caregiver)

Abe Brown Ministries is a great service for me and my grandchildren to visit with their mother. It is a wonderful opportunity for those who have incarcerated family. They help you reconnect with them through Video Visitation, take us to the prison and provide a meal that day; we have a lovely time! Anything that is needed, Abe Brown Ministries will do its best to help. They go the extra mile for you to help with your needs for your family.

The program has helped my grandchildren tremendously. It has given them a chance to see, vist and talk with their mother. At first, they were very quiet, but now they look forward to their visits. They have a good time! I am waiting on the next trip. It is an excellent gift from the Ministry.

They are doing a wonderful job - can't get any better! I will continue in the program until my daughter is released, and that won't be any time soon. I have been telling people about their services."

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