Transitional Living

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Abe Brown Ministries creates an environment where ex-offenders who are motivated and committed to changing their lives can do so.

The Transitional Living Program (TLP) through Abe Brown Ministries (ABM) is a 12-month program established to provide the ex-offender with a safe residence, afford him the opportunity to attain employment, assist him in re-acclimating to society, and disciple him to be accountable and productive in mainstream living. For more information regarding the Transitional Living Program, please contact the ABM staff at 813-247-3285 or click here.

  • Participants must be ex-offenders who have recently been released from jail/prison.
  • Participants must be male and at least 18 years old.
  • Participants’ latest charge cannot be one of a violent or sexual nature.

Meet Jonathan

JonathanJonathan graduated from the Transitional Living Program in 2009, and since then he has been steadfast in his pursuit of the Lord as well as living a life that is an example to others. He has not just transitioned back into society, he has opened his life to Jesus to bring out all that has been deposited within him to bring him to a higher maturity in Christ.

Jonathan has taught classes in the TLP for those men needing that example of "one who has been in their shoes." He serves faithfully at his church, has become an entrepreneur beginning a courier business. He has not only met his goal of successful transition back into society but he truly as become a good and responsible man again. He has been blessed to recently have been married.

Meet Norris

NorrisABM helped Norris to get back on track and to rededicate his life to God! He was raised in the Church but drifted away. His time in the TLP gave him an opportunity to again delve into the Word of God. Norris learned about how to love himself and others.

Since graduating, Norris has maintained employment and continually visits ABM to "check on staff." He knows that this relationship is meaningful and extremely important for his future.

Transitional Living Program